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686 Sheet Roll Forming Machine
  • 686 Sheet Roll Forming Machine

686 Sheet Roll Forming Machine

686 Sheet Roll Forming Machine
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686 Sheet Roll Forming Machine

1. Profile
1.1 Coil materialcolor Sheet,  galvanized sheet
1.2 Coil material thickness0.25-0.50m
1.3 Feeding coil material wide:914mm
2. Process       flow  
3.Electric       decoiler 3.1 Inside diameter coil is 450 - 550mm        
3.2 Coil Width is 914 mm                     
3.3 Coil load 5 ton                      
4 Forming device 4.1 Shaft material: 45# steel , outer diameter:70mm
4.2 Roller material: #45 steel with quenching        
4.3 Pairs of forming rollers :18 sets      
4.4 Chains transport             
4.5 Forming speed10-15 m/min         
4.6 Main motor power:4 kw                
4.7 Voltage:380v,50Hz,3Phase              
5.  Hydraulic Cutting device 5.1Double Guide Pillar Type Cutting System
5.2Hydraulic Station1set               
5.3 With hydraulic station, motor 4 KW      
5.4 Cutting press 20 ton              
5.5 Hydraulic cutter             
5.6 Blade and mold material: G12 steel with quenched treated 60-62℃
5.7Cutting system: advanced hydraulic drive, automatic cutting after
   forming, no distorting or wasting, high level safety factor.
6.1 Screen:text screen        
6.2 PLC: Delta                         
6.3 Automatic length measurement            
6.4 Automatic quantity measurement               
6.5 Computer is used to control length and quantity.
   Machine will automatically cut to length and stop
   when required quantity is achieved
6.6 Length inaccuracy can be amended easily 
7. Simple output frame 1 set

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