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Downspout roll forming machine
  • Downspout roll forming machine

Downspout roll forming machine

Hebei Feixiang Roll Forming Machinery are manufacturing roll forming machine,if you need the Downspout roll forming machine,can contact us.

Work process
De-coiling → feeding the material to machine → Roll Forming Machine → hydraulic cutting → Receiving table


Technical parameters
1. Raw material
Material: galvanized steel coil
Thickness: 0.45-0.55mm
Coil width: 325mm
Pipe diameter: 100mm

2. Uncoiler 
Type: manual decoiler
Inner diameter: 350-450mm
Outer diameter: 1300mm
Max coil width: 500mm
Capacity:1.5 ton
3. Main forming machine
Forming steps: 25 steps
Shaft diameter: 70 mm
Machine frame: middle plate welded with 16mm thickness
Machine stand: 350# H steel welded with 350mm height
Roller material: 45# steel with quenching, hardening and tempering
Shaft material: 45# steel
Main power: 5.5 kw
Transmission: By chains
4. Cutting system
Cutting type: hydraulic cutting
Mold material: CR12Mov
Oil pump: 3 kw
5. Control system
Control system: PLC control system
PLC brand: Delta from taiwan
Function: auto control cutting length and quantity, oil pump on and off


Head factory


Branch factory



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