Floor deck roll forming machine
  • Floor deck roll forming machine

Floor deck roll forming machine

Item No.: 12
Hebei Feixiang Roll Forming Machinery are manufacturing roll forming machine,if you need the Floor deck roll forming machine,can contact us.

Metal Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine Color Steel Tile Making Machine

What Are These Finished Products Like?

How Does It Work?

  Decoiling→Feeding coil into machine→Roll forming machine→PCL control system→Hydraulic cutting→Receiving products

What Are Configurations And Parameters of The Machine?

  • Configurations: Manual decoiler 1 set, main roll forming machine 1 set, Hydraulic                              cutting system 1 set, oil pump 1 set, PLC control system 1 set,receiving table 1 set.
  • Parameters:
    Manual decoiler Capacity 5T
    Max coil width 1250mm
    Inner diameter 450-550mm
    Main roll forming machine Forming steps 22 steps
    Shaft diameter 90mm
    Shaft material 45# steel
    Roller material GCr15
    Speed 8-12m/min
    Motor 18.5kw
    Hydraulic cutting system Cutting type Hydraulic cutting
    Cutter material Cr12Mov
    Cutting tolerance ±1
    PLC control system Brand Delta
    Language Chinese and English (as required)
    Function Automatic control the cutting length and quantity

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